The Shringar Puja

Every evening the jyotirling is worshiped with Shringar puja. This is another way of worshipping lord shiva. This is for attainment of mental peace, all round happiness and ultimate liberation that is Moksha.

This puja begins at 6 pm. In this Puja, the purohit offers fulel, welcome water, aachaman, madhuperk, curd, ghee, honey, sugar, sacred water, jenau - the sacred thread, scent, raw rice, flowers, bilwapatra, durba, dhoop, deep, Naivedi, beetle leaf, seasonal fruits, karpur aarti, Namaskar and complete Surrender to Lord Shiva.

A throne of flowers wound in a snake like fashion is also placed on the jyotirling. A unique custom is that this throne is daily being made by the prisoners of Deoghar Jail. This has been the practice since the British period.

The rituals are performed according to Vaidic way.

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