Harila Jori

Deoghar :: Harila Jori

Harila Jori is situated to the north of  Deoghar Approx 5 km away from the Baidyanath temple. The site has a Shiva Temple with an old lingam which is replete with a number of legends. During the ancient days, the place was overgrown with Haritaki trees. According the heresay goes that the Shivlinga in the temple is believed to have sprouted up from beneath a yellow Myrobalan Haritakai tree because of which it is also called "Haritakinath".

It was further fabled that here is the place where Ravana handed over the lingam to Lord Vishnu disguised as a shepherd and went for natures call. A stream flows here and is known as Ravana Jori. The heresay further runs that both Shiva and Vishnu met here - hence the name Harila Jori. Next the temple is the Shool Harini stream by whose side you can have a couple of tranquil moments to yourself, after you rendezvous with the divine.

Harila Jori is connected to Deoghar by the Ranchi - Dumka State Highway. The temple lies Approx 2 kms off the highway. It can be easily reached on hired vehicles and local transport from Baidyanmathdham