Baiju Temple

Deoghar :: Baiju Temple

Baiju Temple is a collective name for 3 Hindu temples. These temples are located to the western part of Baba Mandir Complex. The temple is situated in the main market of  Deoghar. These temples were built by the heir of main priests of Baba Baidyanath Temple. The common feature of these temples is that each temple has a huge Shivalingam inside its premises. 

According to the Hindu mythology,  Baiju, a boy of Bhil Trible, was imparted knowledge by Lord Vishnu about the worshipping of Bhagwan shiv.  Lord Vishnu  told him to pour holy water on Shivalingam for commencing Puja. After a long search, when he did not find any pot for collecting water, he filled his mouth with holy water and poured it upon the Lord Shivalingam. Lord Shiva got impressed with the simplicity of this boy and appeared to him. Since then the temple is known by the name of that boy of Baiju.